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Looking For A Bread Supplier For Your New Sandwich Shop? 3 Questions To Keep In Mind

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If you are opening a new sandwich shop, there are a lot of things for you to think about. One of the most important choices you have to make is choosing your bread suppliers. The right bread is essential in the creation of a delicious sandwich, so you need to be sure that the supplier you choose can consistently deliver the kind of bread you will be proud of. Keep the following questions in mind as you are trying to make this important choice. How Often Will You Get the Bread? You need to know whether you will be receiving frozen loaves once a week or fresh loaves every day. Not only that, but you need to know how quickly bread will be available if you run out and need to get more. You also need to determine whether the bread will be delivered, or whether you will take on the responsibility of picking up the bread. It may be cheaper to pick up the bread yourself, and not having to wait for your bread can help your entire shop to run more efficiently. How is the Bread Made? While all bread contains flour, different bakeries and suppliers have their own way of creating their loaves. If you plan to sell their bread in your shop, you need to know as much as you can about their baking process. Do they use any preservatives or artificial flavors? How clean is their kitchen? These are just some of the things you need to know before selecting a particular supplier. If possible, take a tour of their kitchen so you can see the bread being made firsthand. Can You Afford it? You may think that there is no price too expensive for the right bread, but the fact remains that you have to be able to afford the bread you want to order. If you plan to price your sandwiches higher so that you can afford the prices of a certain supplier, be sure that your customers will be able to pay those prices. Do some market research to determine how high you can price your sandwiches and still attract customers. Now that you know some questions to ask when choosing a bread supplier, you can compare different local suppliers to find out which suits you best. When you finally have the right bread, you can focus on making the best sandwiches in your...

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