Ingredients You Should Buy in Bulk for Your Bakery

Posted on: 24 January 2017

Few things are more decadent than homemade breads and pastries. Your bakery is valued in your community and your customers come regularly to enjoy your fresh breads, puffy muffins, dense brownies, and chewy cookies. To ensure you never run out of the most popular goodies in your store and so you can keep prices fair for your customers, there are certain ingredients you should always keep on hand in bulk. Bulk buying can reduce your costs to create delicious pastries and breads as well as keep your go-to items in constant rotation. Here are ingredients you should buy in bulk for your bakery that you may not have thought of.

Sugar alternatives

Healthy, organic breads and pastries are items that many customers come clamoring for on a regular basis, and alternative sugars to traditional white sugar can be expensive. Stock up on your raw coconut sugar, date sugar, and even honey to help reduce your production costs and keep these custom items fresh on the display tray every day. You can also invest in gallon jars of molasses (dark and light) as well as organic extracts, including vanilla, almond, and coconut, designed to bring out the natural sweetness of the goodies you make. Store all sugars in airtight containers off the floor, away from steam and other moisture. Liquids should be kept in glass jars with airtight lids to best preserve their natural flavor and keep them from oxidation.

Organic spices/herbs

When making decadent, aromatic breads and rolls, you use only the best herbs and spices around. Invest in bulk-dried amounts of organic basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, ocean salt, black and white pepper, parsley, paprika, and cumin.

Don't forget about your organic spices for sweets, such as cinnamon and ginger. Keep dried organic spices and herbs stored in airtight containers free of moisture in a cool, dark area to keep them fresher, longer. Bulk organic purchases are much cheaper than buying them as you need them, and buying online can open your world to even more varieties of the traditional spices you love.

When stocking up on ingredients for your bakery that you may not use every day, make sure to buy in bulk amounts that you will actually use within a few months' time. This way you can ensure that the products you use are always fresh and inviting, allowing your customers to enjoy your delicious homemade concoctions even more than they already do.